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Using Oil Pencils

Using Oil Color Pencils
   Before you use your Oil Color Pencils, 1/ Do not use the shader to do the shading as you do it with the pencils and it is hard to cover shaded areas with the oils.   2/ Spray lightly with Deft semi-gloss to seal the piece.  (You can remove unwanted color more easily)  Turpenoid will remove it entirely or use a razor blade.
   Use the oil pencils VERY lightly in desired area, the, using a VERY tiny amount of Liquin (available at art stores or Michaels) scrub the color in.  (I use a rather stiff little brush,  My fingers in larger areas)  The liquin will enrich and deepen the color in much the same way as adding water to the dots in the old coloring books changed when water was added.   You can then use the same color pencil to darken further.  (edges of leaves, shadows, etc.   Dakening the outside edges of legs, ears,   under other body parts on animals and people or branches on trees or other objects, makes them more rounded.
   Doing fur on a deer, for instance, I use sienna brown lightly, scrub it in with a tiny amount of Liquin to spead it out.   Using the same color I deepen the color along the back, edges of legs and under belly and in shadow areas.   Since you have liquin there, you don't usually need to add more liquin again unless it has dried out.  You can use lighter shades of pencils to brighten areas or to highlight the fur.   Darker pencils to further darken too.   In lighter areas start with cream, liquin, then use a sharp white to highlights here and there and add texture.   Use black sparingly and only after you are done with other colors.   You can do tighter smaller ares or lines by touching the sharp point of your pencil into the liquin and do the finer things.   Works great to put in lines or plaid or flowers to make it look like clothing.  You can erase or pull up fur with a
   Doing eyes, color the main eye color only in the upper 2/3 of each side of the eye, put in some shading, (in a yellow eyed cat - add orange shading and dark brown at the very top)  Blend and then add a highlight in the
eye and a small light area in the opposite lower side.   After you have sprayed lightly with deft add black to pupil.   In doing grass and trees, use olive green lighly, tiny amount of liquin, scrub in, darken with same color and then, if needed, a darker green or lighten with light green or cream or white.   For making rocks or roof tops or whatever gray, use an extremely tiny amount of black, spread with tiny bit of Liquin, darken as needed.
Finally, when dry, use a sealer coat of Deft.   using too much oil pencil color or too much Liquin will give you a gooey mess.   You can always ad more later.   You can spray in between application to give you more chances to color and blend without making a mess.   Happy burning and painting and God bless..... Cheryl Dow
   If you have any questions:  pjlent@carvertools.com or call me : 248-363-6454 website:  www.cherylddow.com





Copyright 2008 [Artist Cheryl Dow]. All rights reserved